Terms & Conditions

1. Shiksha Ki Ore Online Quiz - 2021 (here inafter referred to as the “Contest”) is being run by AMGR Foundation, Noida (organized by ‘INFOTECH SOFTWARE SOLUTION’), will be held on every saturday and shall be conducted on www.shikshakiore.com. All submissions will have to be completed in the manner stated in these Terms and Conditions within the time period stated below.

2. The Registration process will begin on 24 Nov, 2021

3. We must receive your entries before till and before thursday of every week.

4. Participants have been divided in six groups as mentioned below:



Group (A)

Class Ist – IInd

Group (B)

Class IIIrd – IVth

Group (C)

Class Vth - VIth

Group (D)

Class VIIth – VIIIth

Group (E)

Class IXth – Xth

Group (F)

Class XIth – XIIth

5. Participation in this Contest is purely voluntary. By Participating in this Contest, each Participant is seemed to have accepted the complete terms and conditions for this Contest which are final and binding in all matters related to this Contest.

6. Every Participant must be a resident of India and must be between classes I to XII.

7. It is hereby clarified that this Contest is open only to Participants who have been registered on our website i.e. www.shikshakiore.com

8. The final decision whether a Participant can participate in the Contest shall be of INFOTECH and shall be binding on such Participant.

9. To participate in this Contest, the Participant should fill the registration form on our website & submit their Registration Charges i.e. INR 100/- with all the details.

10. Each Participant can only submit one entry for this Contest.

11. It is hereby clarified that INFOTECH is not responsible for lost, late, incomplete, invalid, un- intelligible or misdirected submissions, which may disqualify the participant in INFOTECH's sole discretion.

12. Top winners Each Group will be choosen by AMGR FOUNDATION based on the Merit List displayed by the Participant in the Shiksha Ki Ore Online Quiz - 2021 as stated in point. The winners chosen by INFOTECH will be final and it is clarified that no correspondence will be entertained.

13. The members of INFOTECH SOFTWARE SOLUTION and their relatives are not eligible for Shiksha Ki Ore Online Quiz - 2021

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