1st Prize Rs. 10,000/- or (Cash Rs. 5,000/- & 10 months Coding class (worth ₹ 10,000) at

2nd Prize Rs. 5,000/- or (Cash Rs. 2500/- & 5 months Coding class (worth ₹ 5,000) at

3rd Prize Rs. 2,000/- or (Cash Rs. 1000/- & 3 months Coding class (worth ₹ 2,000) at

Consolation Prize (4th to 13th) or 2 months Coding class (worth ₹ 2,000) at

1. Top Thirteen winners Each Group will be notified on or before 26th January, 2022 by way of phone and the names of the winners will be published on after the verification process.

2. AMGR FOUNDATION shall not be liable for any loss of prize due to incorrect address or any other incorrect information provided by the winner and incomplete entries will not be considered for the prize.

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